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The Hidden Forest Oracle
A 33-card deck featuring magic and familiar creatures to explore the hidden forests of our minds.  

The woods have always been a place of inspiration. Draw yours from this 33-card oracle deck inspired by nature and occult imagery! Wild beasts and untamed places inhabit the cards, paired with domestic companions and trappings of a cozy cottage home.

The cards are reproductions of hand-inked artwork made specifically for this divination deck. They have been layered with color to create a variety of spreads that are a treat for the eyes. If you feel a connection with what resides in the forest, this deck will have a special place in your heart.

When used together, the cards create a splash of color and meaning. With simple rules and demonstrations packaged in the deck, you can be divining in minutes. The idea is not to bog everything down with layers of information. While the cards come with a light guide, you can also use your own personal associations to properly make your associations.

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