Megan Merz

Pittsburgh, PA


Telephone number available upon request. 

  Megan Merz is a multi-media artist whose work centers around fauna and fantasy.  Animals are her favorite subject matter by far!  Her favorite mediums are watercolor and acrylic, but she appreciates the versatility of digital painting as a means to complete work for digital print clients.  


Megan has always been creative, and left her job as a photography post-production artist in 2011 to pursue art full time. She moved from Erie, PA to Pittsburgh around the same time. While she's happy to be close to a larger city, her love for her beloved commonwealth persists. She will occasionally take tech contracts and has experience 


She lives with her bullmastiff and cat in the suburbs, but shall soon move to the woods.


Education: BFA in Expanded Media Arts from Alfred University


Influences: 50's paint by number, occult artwork, 90's animation, North American wildlife.


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