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Set on a rainy afternoon, Residual is a visual novel that follows an amateur paranormal investigator attempting to run a simple errand.  

Upon receiving a call from your best friend, you embark on a quest to retrieve a recording from an abandoned cottage.  The potential for ghostly voices on the tape is high, and your excitement may cause you to overlook certain dangers.  The residents of the overgrown cottage may be dead and buried, but some parts of them remain.  

Contains themes of death and implied violence, but is mostly a spooky atmospheric jaunt. 

Presently in Alpha 0.1 

Stay the Night 

You've had a rough start in life.  A neglectful mother and constant bullying at school seem to be the most you have to look forward to. 

At the end of another argument with your mom over her choices, you flee into the woods, finding a place to shelter in for the night.  But something wants to communicate with you, and even provides you means with a spirit board....

Contains themes of death and implied violence.

Abandoned due to software change, may be ressurrected with a Tyranobuilder in the future.  Only the introduction was completed, but I'd like to redo it.   Worth looking at for the pretty assets. 

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